Holotropic & Pneuma Breathwork

These workshops are based on a healing system developed by Dr. Stanislav and Cristina Grof combining breathwork, evocative music and focused release bodywork. When a new awareness of your body mind is ignited, stresses can be released, challenges of the body can be healed and emotional changes may come from the depths of your inner wisdom.

"Holotropic" means moving in the direction of totality, or inner unity and oneness with different aspects of the universe. Holotropic Breathwork utilizes the finding of the "new physics", and empowers them with the truths of Eastern religious philosophies. This work uses focused breathing and evocative music, art, and focused energy release work to guide each of us on our own personal journey. The inward journey requires going into non-ordinary states of consciousness to connect with deep, underlying patterns.

This technique is based on the body's ability and desire to heal itself, and on releasing the knots of constricted energy surrounding conflict and pain, freeing that energy to move on to more healthy and positive growth. In order to release those unconscious patterns that encourage diseases the breath is used to awaken and bring those patterns to awareness, so that they may be released.

Each person serves as their own guide on their inward search, and therefore guides their own, journey in the ways most healing for them. That profound connection with the unconscious allows the healing to occur in ways that tend to create integrated and lasting change. Energy blockages occur around memories of past experiences that need to be healed. These memories may be stored deep in a person's unconscious. These memories are stored on a cellular level, and therefore must be transmuted and released from that level. Many ancient spiritual traditions have used the healing power of the breath to release these blockages. In this work as well, the breath is used to awaken and empower cells, and to enhance the body's own natural healing power. Dr. Grof has defined a cartography of what people can experience in non- ordinary states of consciousness. There are four main categories: Motor & Sensory; Biographical ; Perinatal; Transpersonal.

When a workshop is given in Mexico, usually San Miguel de Allende (sometimes in Mexico City) occasionally the public is invited to a complimentary and information lecture on this type of breathwork, usually on the Thursday preceeding the weekend from 7 PM to 8 PM. The workshop itself usually begins on Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM, and on Sunday, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Telephone our Mexico phone (México Tel):415-152-0376 or USA phone that rings in Mexico (EE.UU. teléfono que suena en nuestra casa mexicana): 919-341-2619 for the cost of the workshop, limited to ten persons. 
Please note: Breathwork is deeply experiential and may involve strenous physical movement.  It is not recommended for pregnant women, persons with history of severe heart disease, or mental illness, or those who have had recent surgery. If there is any doubt, please talk to the Alicia Mayo, the Breathwork facilitator and consult your physician, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist before attending.

If you wish to integrate Holotropic Breathwork in La Gruta's Hot Springs in San Miguel de Allende, click here
There is a 5 day Intensive held in Valle de Bravo, Mexico and also a 1 day therapeutic process in San Miguel de Allende: click here for details.

Links: http://www.breathwork.com/ This is the site for the official Association for Holotropic Breathwork International. If you are not in Mexico, try here for links to other facilitators of Holotropic Breathwork.

http://www.holotropic.com/ This site tells about becoming a certified Grof Transpersonal Trainer, (over 600 hours required) and has links to related subjects, and to other facilitators in the world.