Five Day Intensive

(There is also a one day therapeutic process
in San Miguel de Allende.)
  • The Intensive is a modern-day version of the venerated tradition of knowledge and insight gathered through rigorous, solitary journeys. Work accomplished will indeed be through your own efforts, facilitated and guided by Alicia Mayo, and ultimately will lead you to a new orientation of thought. Expansion of restrictive frames of reference in consciousness occurs through inauguration into the sensitivity of the body's And nature's energy fields, and the information they relay. The result is a restoration and reconciliation with your wholeness and place in the universe.

  • This is accomplished through several methods. Hiking and other physical exercises (some with eyes covered) reaffirms the power of perception within our bodies. These tests of concentration force a renewed relationship with one's body and leaves you with a heightened sense of security. Psychological and spiritual explorations rupture unconscious reactions to our inherited perception of the world view. An altered world view and a lessening of reaction results in a transformation from low to higher energy. This movement toward resolution brings a welcome calm.

  • The initiation rite in a Sacred Place deepens the personal intention to develop into full consciousness. The beauty and innate power of the rite's physical setting supports one's centeredness and connection to all things.

  • The optional neuro-psycho-spiritual process further enhances your clarity of new perceptions and your essential wholeness, and creates a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

  • Cellular memory regression, holotropic breathwork, and psycho-energetic massage are employed during the three days to help integrate and resolve past traumas. Different aspects of astrology, including lunar cycles, are applied in viewing historical patterns of one's life. This is a powerful tool for clarification and resolution of one's path up to the present.

Valle de Bravo lies nestled in a ley along the shores of a beautiful lake situated between forested mountains. Rivers and waterfalls flow from the surrounding hills. The climate is temperate, at an altitude of 1,870 meters above sea level. The town is 147 km from Mexico City, 82 km from Toluca. Valle de Bravo's red-roofed, white-stuccoed buildings wrap themselves around the eastern shore of the lake and up the forested slopes. Between your daily questings, you can shop for traditional arts and crafts, relax to the sounds of waves lapping the shoreline, or walk the narrow streets and enjoy the sights and sounds of this special community.


"Have you ever read a fable where a willing student meets a willing teacher and is taken on a spiritual journey? My being led on such a journey with Alicia continues to reverberate throughout my life."
- Barry Shapiro, 50. Photographer

"By the last day of the Intensive, I viewed myself through the eyes of my soul. Now, when I get lost in my day-to-day world, I remember the Vision Quest and am reminded of the Bigger Picture."
- Den Nelson, 51. Hypnotherapist

"I was able to integrate the practical and the intuitive parts of myself which has changed my life for the better. I admire Alicia's work, and her methods; she is soft and direct at the same time."
- Silvia Cadena, 45. Psychic/Contractor

"My work with Alicia makes me stop and remember the old habits I so often trip on, and now with some humor, I can step over them. It was me as if Alicia dismembered, then reassembled me with wise hands and a loving heart."
- Amy Spencer, 33. Artist/Educator

"I took a great deal of deep-rooted emotional baggage with me to Valle de Bravo and am forever grateful for Alicia's help with pulling these inhibiting thought patterns up by the tap root, and tossing them onto the compost pile."
- Nancy Gallagher, 46. Writer

"This was a remarkable, mind-stretching experience, full of personal and spiritual revelation. Alicia is a wonderful guide through such exciting inner voyages."
- Russ Archibald, 75. retired management executive for ITT and Bendix Corporations. He is the Author of Managing High Technology Programs & Projects, translated into Japanese, Italian, Russian, and English and used all around the world.

Includes room and meals at Loto Azul Spa, beginning Monday afternoon and ends on Friday afternoon. Travel expenses and options are extra. To ensure an optimal experience, this program is designed for only one person at a time.