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Quick Explanation of Trinfinity8

PERSON: Please explain this tool for awakening positive vibrational change a little more.

REPLY:  It is best to see the fractals running on a computer.

Still image of fractals that constantly move

Still image of fractals that constantly move

PERSON: Please explain a little more.
REPLY:  This is technology that came out of a near death experience and the information brought back was that everything in our universe has a mathematical signature to it—even our DNA which is mathematically coded.  So we need to speak to our DNA and the consciousness of our cells in a language it understands--which is math.  (People usually nod their heads upon hearing this.  It makes sense to them and it’s not a totally foreign concept.)

    When scientists send information about our world into space, hoping to make contact with other civilizations, they send information in math equations, because it is the universal language of all things and will be understood.  (i.e.  Even if you speak only Croatian you will recognize what E=MC2 signifies.)

    This technology streams thousands of different mathematical codes to the body through the computer, into a signal box, and then delivers that information to the person through pure quartz crystals rods which they hold in their hands.  We can give you the mathematical equivalent for Vitamin C, and that information will be used by the cells as if it actually ingested Vitamin C.  (At this point people start to look intrigued and start seeing the possibilities.)
PERSON:  What are wethey listening to?
REPLY:  They’re listening to Solfeggio Tones which are the oldest tones known to man.  They set up a harmonic resonance in the chakras of the body and help facilitate the reception of the codes coming through the crystals to the person.
PERSON:  What are the designs on the screen for?
REPLY:  Those shapes are called fractals.  Fractals are like those Russian Petrushka dolls—a doll, within a doll, within a doll, to infinity.  All parts contain the exact replica of the whole like a hologram.  Fractals also set up a charge field around the computer.  When fractals are coupled with information, they amplify the information coming through to the person.  So we use the fractals as an amplifier.  They are working with our codes whether you look at them or not.  That is why you can choose to close your eyes during the session or not.
PERSON:  And why are crystals used?
REPLY:  All the mathematical healing codes come through the crystals.   They do not come through the fractals or the music.  The fractals are set files.  You do not drive the fractal or change the images on the screen by holding the crystals or through your thoughts.  Crystals transmit information quickly.  The codes come through the computer in a digital format and then the signal box converts it to an analog signal.  The body is analog and so are crystals.

PERSON:  What will I experience?
REPLY:  It’s different for everyone depending on the programs dialed up for you by Larry or Alicia.   There are 72 different programs that address physical problems, emotional release programs, stress reducing programs, cosmetic rejuvenation programs or spiritual attuning programs.

PERSON:   Will I feel something?
REPLY:  Depending on how sensitive you are to subtle energy you may feel some tingling, warmth, or pulsing in your hands.  Some feel things in other parts of their body while on it as well, but not everyone does.  This is not the litmus test for effectiveness.  Some who felt nothing while on it came back later and reported differences they felt after the session.  We tell you to take notice up to 24 hours afterwards, because energy takes time to shift and gel.
Would you like to try it?
PERSON:  Okay.  What are my choices?
REPLY:  (We tailor make the protocol to your needs.  It gets you invested in your personal process.)  First, tell me if you are experiencing any physical pain or have an injury.  We can also do something if you are working on releasing an emotional or relationship issue due to grief or loss.  There is also an option to do a general de-stresser protocol or one for spiritual attunement.  What would you like?

    (This is when you tell Larry or Alicia everything you have physically wrong.  Pain relief should be the first focus because you will recognize a difference and be more receptive to further work.  Some may opt for something more general.
(You can watch as Larry or Alicia choose and order the programs.  Then we often tell you to type in your own name in the"fill in the blank space" and write an “I am” statement afterwards as your session affirmation.  This could be “I am completely healed” or “I am strong” or “I am in Divine Alignment.  I AM statements are very powerful and set the tone.  It also makes you more tuned into a more positive outcome.

    (We often tell you before you start the program to call your own guidance in to help you release whatever it is you want to release because the way will be made more open to you by doing so.  We must ask Guidance for help for Them to intercede.  We always make direct eye contact with you when we tell you this.  When you nod we know it has sunk in.
    (It’s also good to tell you that if a thought pops into you head about putting the crystals anywhere on your body during the session, we suggest to follow that inclination.  We sometimes demonstrate by putting a crystal our heart area if you are doing Heart Resonance,  or on  that pain area you told us about.)

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    Trinfinity8 users are not only extolling the rejuvenating physical effects of using Trinfinity8, but also awakening to the spiritual vibrational changes it also brings about. On the spiritual level, Trinfinity8 is encoded with what can best be described as ascension coding, frequency patterns which help accelerate evolution and spirituality by directing DNA activation to its highest potential. Trinfinity8 is the quintessential holistic tool for high level wellness in the 21st Century.


"Kathy's Near Death Experience presents new possibilities for man's emotional, physical and spiritual growth." - James Van Praagh, Heaven & Earth: Making the Psychic Connection

We are being gifted by dimensional beings of light with healing information and technology to help man evolve and transition during their changing times. Mathematical algorithms, which speak directly to the consciousness of our cells and and DNA, were brought back from a near death experience by clinical psychologist and author Dr. Kathy Forti and they are being used for rejuvenation and global healing via Trinfinity8.