In order to vibrate with the frequency of the Spirit we need to clean and tune up the temple of our body. The coherence and unity of the thoughts, words, emotions and actions creates the conscious attention and intention to restructure our relationship with the intimate Self, in order to shape and create order within ourselves and in the world. For this to happen is necessary to recognize and accept that we are imprisoned in the darkness of unconsciousness.

In the Art of Living we will analyze the multiplicity of the ego within the psyche and its detrimental effects in our life, and Consciousness as the fountain of happiness and the path leading to liberation. We will learn a variety of meditative practices, including The Circle of Light, Serene Observation, and Pneuma Breathwork, among others. These disciplines have the power to expand our consciousness, allowing us to awaken and liberate our True Self. In the process, we observe all that hinders our spiritual growth and learn how to transcend it.


The word Pneuma means Spirit in Greek, it suggests the return to unity and the overcoming of inner fragmentation. Pneuma is an educational holistic system for human realization and it proposes a new vision of the spiritual experience. It synthesizes the philosophy and mystical practices of many of the major ancient esoteric traditions and offers us techniques relating to self-exploration and modern psychology. It allows us to deepen and enrich our understanding of the human psyche and spirit through amplified states of consciousness.


Through Pneuma Breathwork and deeply inspiring music its possible to make contact with our Inner Being and from there access the psyche and its contents; the multiplicity of the ego (fear, guilt, anger, etc) as well as our divine nature and its virtues. Within the transpersonal state we experience healing processes, emotional release, and connection with the source of Love, affording us a profound comprehension about the essential meaning of our life.


Alicia Mayo is a member of INKARRI MULTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION AND PNEUMA SYSTEM, a Certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and Transpersonal Psychology of "GROF TRANSPERSONAL TRAINING, INC".  Alicia has a M.A. in Spanish Literature from Fresno State University in the U.S. and a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Mexico as well as a M.A. in painting and sculpture from the Insituto Allende. Other training and interests include Shamanism, Integrative Massage, Astrology, Tarot, Cellular Memory Regression, Vision Quests, Pneuma Breathwork, and Christic Reiki. Alicia is committed to participate and contribute to the alchemical process of the awakening of consciousness.

Alicia Mayo es miembro de la ASOCIACIÓN MULTICULTURAL INKARRI Y SISTEMA PNEUMA, Certificada como facilitadora de la Respiración Holotrópica y Psicología Transpersonal de "GROF TRANSPERSONAL TRAINING, INC". Alicia tiene una maestría en Literatura de Fresno State University en Los EE.UU. Alicia tiene además el bachillerato en Química de la Universidad de México y llenó los requisitos para la maestría en Pintura y escultura del Instituto Allende. Otros entrenamientos e intereses incluye trabajo Shamánico, Masaje Integrativo, Astrología, Tarot, Regresión de Memoria Celular, Vision Quests, Respiración Pneuma y Reiki Crístico. Alicia está comprometida a participar y contribuir en el proceso alquímico del despertar de la conciencia.